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Flow Measurement Engineering Consultancy for Uncertainty Analysis, Custody Transfer, Fiscal Metering and Hydrocarbon Allocation

Our Services


Ensure your flow measurement system is complying with regulatory requirements and controls are operating efficiently.

We provide independent and objective third party audits for Fiscal and Custody Transfer and performance reviews for more complex systems. Our engineers use tailored audit criteria to ensure an efficient and cost effective audit.


Analysis of measurement risk to confirm compliance to regulatory standards and to ensure that financial exposure is known

SOLV® provide independent Quadrature Uncertainty results to the highest standard verified by Monte Carlo Simulation for flow measurement and allocation


We provide expert analysis for flow measurement projects to minimise overall risk and maximise profitability.

With over 20 years’ experience in flow measurement, our expert engineers can assist through all stages of a metering project from FEED to Acceptance and can continue to provide support thereafter.


SOLV® supply software development services for large scale metering, uncertainty, data validation and allocation systems as well our own Oil and Gas Flow Measurement Software package: FLOWSOLV® V5.3 PRO.

Our software is contains flexible calculation methods consistent with standards and is independent and suitable for auditing.


We have a proven track record of equitable allocation of hydrocarbon field production sources to oil and gas export with exceptionally low material balance

SOLV® use various methods of allocation, including: Process Simulation, Multistage Shrink and Flash and Mass Component Allocation.

About SOLV ®

flow measurement

SOLV ® is an engineering consultancy and software company based in the United Kingdom. Since its formation in 2003 SOLV ® has traded successfully and achieved quality management certification to ISO 9001:2015. Our Expertise stems from the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, now with business in most areas of the world, including Gulf of Mexico, USA, North Africa, Middle East, Canada and SE Asia. 

We provide a flow measurement engineering and consultancy service for fiscal, allocation and process flow measurement in upstream oil and gas production, petrochemical, and power generation. Our priority is to provide clients with optimised flow measurement solutions 

SOLV ® pioneered the use of MCS (Monte Carlo Simulation) in flow measurement for uncertainty analysis of complex systems such as hydrocarbon allocation, fluid properties and multiphase flow meters 

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